From card design to laser engraver...

We create successful, innovative, polycarbonate
products, from the initial concept through full product launch.

Polycarbonate Identity Solution

The majority of polycarbonate card manufacturing is completed outside of the United States. Our team uncovers market opportunities, and sometimes, market challenges, that remain unseen by competitors. Our market research gathers solid, factual, defensible information that is relevant to your company's identity plans. 

With Real ID approaching and driver licenses being enhanced, other secure cards will follow suite. Employee credentials, event credentials, WHTI/ETC's, EDL's, municipal ID cards, voter cards, etc. Identity documents are due for a refresh built on sound AAMVA & Real ID standards to thwart counterfeiting. 

  • Card designed with customer input against AAMVA, ICAO & Real ID standards.
  • Card manufacturing, 100% done in our secure factory located in Brisbane, CA.
  • Laser engraver loaded with default settings for our PC cards.
  • Issuance software for engraver and cards (plug and play).
  • Components, such as photo capture devices, electronic signature pads, back drops, etc.

The Solution

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    Every PC card project must begin with design by a team that has knowledge of manufacturing issues, engraving issues and helps to mitigate risks for the customer.

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    PC card production is difficult especially incorporating features such as MLI. Hire a team with references and a rich history of PC card production. 

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    Choosing the right engraver for your identity project shouldn't be difficult. Yet, in the market today, info on engravers is hard to find. Let us help you make that decision!

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    Card issuance software for engravers is typically a custom add-on. It is clunky, works slow and doesn't allow for linking to industry standard photo or digital capture devices. We've solved that!