Why Should You
Use PC Cards & Laser Engraving?

It is time to take the variable data process serious. Consider the risk if one of your cards were counterfeited and let us help you build a secure card. 

Polycarbonate card bodies for driver licenses, ID documents and even passport pages are providing a layered security approach to physical documents, making them more complex to counterfeit.


  • So what exactly is polycarbonate?


A few distinct features of this material make it uniquely beneficial for physical identification cards. These include:


  • Advanced, tamper-proof security features
  • High-quality personalization details
  • Stronger card material
  • Longer document life
  • Multiple Laser Image


Arguably, the most important advantage of polycarbonate is the durability benefits that the material provides. Because polycarbonate cards are made up of multiple layers of plastic that form a mono (sigular) fused piece, it is nearly impossible for fraudsters to change the materials or security features without destroying the card completely due to the material fusing together (unlike PVC). This makes the card body much more secure than other available materials.


Another aspect of polycarbonate is the laser engraving techniques used to embed an individual’s personal information into the card body itself. The laser engraving process adds markings deep in the document, adding another aspect that is extremely difficult to forge.


Beyond laser engraving, polycarbonate cards include other tamper-proof components that can be tactile, seen with the naked eye, or only visible with additional equipment. The level of security features vary but can be easily distinguished by law enforcement or other ID authorities. Once police officers or others are familiar with identifying the security features, verifying the authenticity of an identity document is much easier. MLI is a must when moving to PC.

Quick, secure, permanent

  variable data engraving..

A proven supplier must be chosen to ensure the cards consistently engrave and perform well. PC cards are typically used in highly secure environments and card failure will result in significant loss of revenue. Removing PC from the card construction to shave a few pennies is the worst thing possible. It defeats the fusing properties as PC does not bond to other materials. Get it done right, choose DSS Plastics Group.

Experienced Team


DSS Plastics Group has a rich history of PC printing and PC card manufacturing. From ETC/WHTI travel cards to driver licenses around the world. 

Engraver Solution


We know how important it is for you to bring central issuance back to your operation. Laser engraving allows for that. Our solution is the most economical one on the market. 

One Source

No finger pointing or blaming the hardware. No, it isn't the cards fault. We take ownership over the entire card issuance process with the support of each component manufacturer.