We offer extensive services to make your identity upgrades. Real ID will bring forth scrutinity to old card issuance platforms. Don't be left behind, start the enhancement process now.


Secure storage

Design software



35+ cameras monitoring all areas, both inside and out of the production facility.

Currency Software


Our software suite is robust to design custom graphics for your upgraded identity document.



45+ years of card manufacturing. Lean on DSS and our rich experience to bring your project to life.

Secure Process


Process enhancements and accountability available for secure projects. 

Secure Storage


Locking carts, military-grade cages and more. Let us know what your requirements are.

Worldwide shipping


Distribution and training is available worldwide. 

Card Design



At the foundation of identity is the design of the card. We use AAMVA, ICAO and Real ID guidelines to build your masterpiece.  

Real ID Compliance


Starting in October, 2020, all US citizens will be required to obtain new identity documents. The purpose of this requirement is the enhanced security feature standards that are being applied to federally recognized documents.


- Absolutely no 4 color process

- Three levels of security features required

- Issuance either via laser or card manufacturer





With 40+ years of experience, you are in good hands. Our team visually inspects every card that leaves our facility, not with machinery, with our trusted employees.




We know all of the suppliers and competitors. Our vertical market has and always will be on card security. 

Card Evolution


Pre 9-11, most all cards were issued via AAMVA using ribbon printers.


Post 9-11, most all federal identity documents were issued via card manufacturing plants. This mean the variable data was printed on a press, laminated and sent out. Should you want to bring secure issuance in-house, laser engraving is the way to go while complying with Real ID standards.

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