Finally, a desktop Polycarbonate solution!


Desktop engraver, software for issuance, secure card design and PC card manufacture from one source.


Arguably, the greates advantage of polycarbonate is the durability that the material provides. Because polycarbonate cards are made up of multiple layers of plastic that fuse together, it is nearly impossible for fraudsters to change the materials or security features without destroying the card completely. 

We are responsible for your card design and production. One solution, one source.


Polycarbonate cards are the next evolution in secure plastic card identification. Burning identity data into the credential means that no one can physically alter the card. Unlike desktop ribbon printers that have saturated the market for 20 years, not only do counterfeiters not have this equiptment, but the engravers are not sold as openly on the market. Entry level cost is prohibitive for the engravers, design and card production. 

Different design concepts are applied to PC cards.


Some examples:

  • US-Polycarbonate card - DSS Plastics Group -With Variable.png
  • Colorado.jpg
  • Maryland.png
  • Alaska.jpg
  • Wisc-DL.jpg
  • Kentucky.png
  • Virginia Adult ID.png
  • OH-newDL.jpg
  • PC Card[1].png
  • ct-illinois-real-id-airports-20151223.jpg

-A security feature that is unchallenged-

Multiple Laser Image


Polycarbonate card durability is what really stands out!


Unlike PVC or composite cards, the plastic layers within a PC card actually fuse together. For lack of a better term, Polycarbonate is unbreakable glass. This is why it engraves so well. The properties of this material allow it, in lamination, to form one solid piece. Below are images of a PVC card vs. other cards sold for identity.

  • Polycarbonate-DSSPlasticsGroup.jpg
  • Polycarbonate-DSSPlasticsGroup-3.jpg
  • Polycarbonate-DSSPlasticsGroup-.jpg
  • Polycarbonate-DSSPlasticsGroup-4.jpg

100% Polycarbonate


Core White Material Fused Together



DATA SECURITY: Burned into plastic

MACHINE COST: $45,000 - $500,000


  • PVC-DSSPlasticsGroup-.jpg
  • PVC-DSSPlasticsGroup.jpg
  • PVC-DSSPlasticsGroup-3.jpg
  • PVC-DSSPlasticsGroup-4.jpg

100% PVC


Multiple layers held together by heat-actived glue



DATA SECURITY: Ribbon Transfer

MACHINE COST: $750 - $10,000


  • TESLIN-DSSPlasticsGroup.jpg
  • TESLIN-DSSPlasticsGroup-.jpg
  • TESLIN-DSSPlasticsGroup-4.jpg
  • TESLIN-DSSPlasticsGroup-3.jpg

Composite (Poly or Teslin + PVC)


Multiple layers held together by heat-actived glue or bond



DATA SECURITY: Ribbon Transfer/Re-Transfer

MACHINE COST: $2,500 - $15,000

OPTIMAL FEATURE: Hologram Over-laminate

The DSS PCD full solution


Finally, an entry level engraver that brings back service bureau to cities, states and municipalities.

Polycarbonate Deluxe


Pulse Fiber laser, 10W with up to 1200dpi resolution. The PCD comes default with the MLI Prism Wedge and tactile surface relief. 

Card Issuance Software


Our software solution is the ultimate tool for your secure ID card production in a user-friendly way, designed to have the best performance with large databases with and without photos. MRZ printing capability for ICAO projects. 

Card Design


Polycarbonate card design requires experience due to material bubbling, layer adhesion and security feature know-how. Let us help you become Real ID compliant.

Card Production


Polycarbonate card production in the San Francisco, Bay Area. All processes are completed within our secure facility. 

Digital Signature Pad


A digital signature pad is used to capture the electronic signature of the card holder and immediately import into the software for issuance. Various models supported.

Digital Camera + Tripod


A camera and tripod is used to take professional high-resolution photos of the card-holder. Our camera selection works with the software to power the engraver.


PC cards must be designed by someone with industry experience.

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